The Rietz Family society

A society for descendants of Johan Ernst Rietz and his brother Fredrik Rudolf Rietz.

All members of this Rietz family originate from Johan Ernst Rietz or his brother Fredrik Rudolf Rietz. The family was documented in Sweden for the first time around 1730.

Johan Ernst Rietz was born i Karlshamn 1815, studied at the university of Lund, was graduted Doctor of Philosophy and appointed university lecturer in theoretical philosophy, linguist specialized in Swedish dialects, left the academia, became ordained and vicar and later rural dean in Tygelsjö. He died in Copenhagen 1868.

Fredrik Rudolf Rietz was born in Karlshamn 1825, studied theology, became ordained and clergyman at first at Källs-Nöbbelöv and at Halmstad-Sireköpinge, chaplain at Skånska Husarregementet and later vicar at Näsum. He died in Näsum 1872.

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